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We focus on creative solutions that support your business. Our engineering department is able to develop customised solutions that fit your needs.

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Mobile racking system for Piekarnia Nowakowski

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Stow's expertise is focused on customised creative engineering, flexible storage solutions and the assembly of warehouses to high specifications.

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Stow distinguishes itself from other rack manufacturers by focusing on our customers' storage problems. The solutions may be found in either mass-produced standard items or in custom-made products.

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Stow is continuously expanding through its fully owned affiliate companies and extended distributor network in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Fixed pallet racks with staggered yokes - the solution for NedTrain

‘NedTrain Componentenbedrijf Tilburg’ is a company with a long history. The first recorded repair shop in the centre of Tilburg dates from 1868! NedTrain specializes in the servicing, maintenance and overhaul of rail-related equipment, including the reconditioning of train parts. The vehicle maintenance and repair shop moved from Tilburg town centre to Berkel-Enschot in 2011. It’s here that NedTrain reconditions parts of train sets belonging to...

Precision and price decide it at DSV Amsterdam

The international transport and logistics group DSV is a foremost player in the global arena. The company has regional branches in over 60 countries around the globe and is divided into three divisions: DSV Road, DSV Air & Sea and DSV Solutions. DSV Road has, in Europe, over 17,000 trucks on the road. DSV Air & Sea is good for 71,000 TEU of marine cargo and 25,000 tonnes of air freight per year. Last but not least, DSV Solutions is a...

Drive-in racking at Cristal

Drive-in racking ensures compact, flexible storage at Cristal

Cristal is the world’s 2nd biggest producer of titanium dioxide and a global market leader in titanium. The company provides various products and services to a large number of processing firms the world over, with the focus on titanium pigments. For instance, Cristal’s titanium dioxide is used in thousands of finished products, ranging from plastic bags to aeroplanes. The company has production plants in many countries, spread over 5 continents...

Mezzanine racking at Docdata

Docdata chooses practical 4-level shelving system from Stow

Docdata is an international group with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. Established in 1987, the company was active, for a long time, as a manufacturer of CDs and DVDs. In 2000, Docdata began its e-commerce activities. Inside 10 years it had transformed itself into a fully-fledged e-commerce company. From its own warehouses, Docdata provides logistic services for a broad spectrum of companies active on the Internet...